Intersectional feminism

Stop, don’t tell me that again,I don’t want to hear it.Don’t tell me your feminism is intersectional,when you use the doubled broken backsof black womento elevate yourself. Don’t tell me your feminism is intersectional,if the only time you support black women and black girlsis when you see our faces plasteredon the campaigns ofOxfam and Comic […]

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It’s happening now: pray for Sudan

It’s happening now,a massacre in Sudan,and I know it’s not being plastered all over your screenslike the fire that took Notre-Dame.Not being reported by your trusted BBC and Sky News,who hung their heads in solidarity for France.But it’s happening now in Sudan,a massacre. So, why don’t you consider it a massacre?Because it’s happening now, but […]

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Hear this

We will never be enough,being a woman will never be enough.Creator, life giver, carrier,and still, we will never be enough. Alabama, you’re so wrapped up in your pro-life sentiments,Northern Ireland is cheering you on at the sidelines,with Trump and your other right wing, right hand allies. Pro-life but who’s life? Who’s life do you value or rather,which […]

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A year ago: Sorry you feel uncomfortable.Sorry I shattered your idyllic visions and sorry I tarnished your childhood home,and located it somewhere other than heavenly.Sorry I transformed itand muddied your precious memories.Sorry I brought it up. Today: No, I won’t apologise for your discomfort,and no I won’t apologise for the transformation,because it wasn’t –I didn’t […]

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Imprints on our skin, fresh in our blood.“Straighten your hair”, they slurred, as they staggered past. Straighten for you means whiten, Europeanise. Force my tight curlsbetween the hot iron clasps of your European beauty standards.Making myself acceptable for your viewing. “Her hair’s grey but she’s black”, they laughed. Your white privilege reaches beyond the scope of societyas now I cannot show […]

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Simone Yasmin