The old woman in the purple chador

The old woman in the purple chador locks sad eyes with me,hers from the back of a truck,mine from the back of a taxi. Her eyes plead with me,I don’t know what to sayand yet my stunned eyes say it all. I half smile offering sympathy,but she knows that I can’t empathise, not trulyand she […]

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This country

Part 1 This country is a mockery,Hypocrisy at its finest.Britain is ruled by bare faced liars,Can’t even make their minds up but taking the time to try control ours. I’m tired. Because the more these clowns keep lying,The more people keep dying,Whilst they stay justifying,And now we can’t even try to defy them.We marched to […]

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We marched

“We will never be enough, being a woman will never be enough”I wrote those lines 3 years ago and today these words stick like a lump in my throat and I can’t speak as the hands of the patriarchy try to silence me;even after we have given all that we are and continue to pour […]

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Love yourself

Love yourself.Put yourself first every single time and don’t ever feel no way,because there’s no way you can allow others to dull this bright energy and light.You radiate galaxies and have planets plaited through your hair.Are they threatened? Maybe.And maybe they should be,because too long you’ve been shrinking yourself,making yourself feel small just so others […]

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No words

They say silence is deafeningand I’ve been pretty lost for words.So, listen closely,because if my silence could speak it would tell tales of exhaustion and pain,tell tales of being always stuck on ‘miss a turn’ whilst everyone else plays the game.If my silence dared to speak, it would scream and shout;it would tell you how […]

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Seasonal changes

Do you know how it feels to feel elated?To feel so full with laughter and pictures and sunshine,full to the brim of sand between your toesand the marks of awkward tan lines resting on your collar bonesand bum cheeks.We all get that feeling, when the sun is shiningand we’re quick to strip off and reveal […]

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Simone Yasmin